The Company At A Glance

PT Wijaya Karya Beton Tbk (WIKA Beton Tbk.) was estbalished as one of PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) subsidiary in 1997 with the vision to become the leading company of precast concrete. Today, WIKA Beton Tbk is the biggest precast concrete manufacturers in Indonesia, even South East Asia. The other advantages of WIKA Beton Tbk is they have 14 (fourteen) factories spread across Indonesia with high construction industry growth and implement Precast Engineering-Production-Installation (EPI). WIKA Beton Tbk has 3 subsidiaries, they are; PT Wijaya Karya Komponen Beton (WIKA KOBE) in 2012, PT Wijaya Karya Krakatau Beton at the end of 2013, and PT Citra Lautan Teduh in September 2014, and 1 associate company which is PT Wijaya Karya Pracetak Gedung at the end of 2016. Until 2016, WIKA Beton has never renamed.

Company NamePT Wijaya Karya Beton Tbk
Famous NameWIKA Beton
Line of BusinessEngaging in the industry of precast concrete products, construction services,and other related businesses.
Company StatusA subsidiary of state-owed enterprises
Main OfficeGedung JW
Jl. Raya Jatiwaringin No.54, Pondok Gede, Bekasi, 17411
Jawa Barat-Indonesia
Telepon: (021) 84973363 (hunting)
Faksimili: (021) 84973391
Factory LocationBinjai (North Sumatera), Lampung, South Lampung, Bogor, Karawang, Majalengka (West Java), Boyolali (Central Java), Pasuruan (East Java), and Makassar (South Sulawesi).
Date of EstablishmentMarch 11, 1997
Date of OperationMarch 11, 1997
Legal Basis of EstablishmentDeed of Establishment of Limited Liability Company “PT Wijaya Karya Beton” No.44 dated March 11, 1997, prepared and presented before Achmad Bajumi, S.H., substitute of Imas Fatimah, S.H., Notary, in Jakarta, juncto Deed of Contribution, Issuance, and Changes in the Articles of Association No.39 dated November 19, 1997, prepared and presented before Imas Fatimah, S.H., Notary, in Jakarta.
Authorized Capital:Rp2.668.000.000.000,-
Subscribed Capital:Rp871.546.660.000,-
Paid in Capital:Rp871.546.660.000,-
Tax Identification Number:
Company Registration:102614607491
Trade License:510/19-BPPT/PB/V/2014
Service Offices:6 kantor wilayah penjualan
3 kantor representatif
Total Employees:1.221 orang | employee (2016)
1.190 orang | employee (2015)
1.145 orang | employee (2014)
Share Ownership:PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk 60%
Public 25,86%
Karya Mitra Satya Cooperation 8,82%
Treasury Stock 4,33%
WIKA Foundation 0,99%
Listing Date:April 8, 2014
Stock Exchange:Indonesia Stock Exchange
Labor Union:Employee Associations of PT Wijaya Karya Beton Tbk (PPWB)


In article 3 of the Company’s Articles of Association, The Company is engaged in the industry of precast concrete, construction service, and other related business lines. Up until December 31, 2015, the Company has conducted their business line in accordance with the Company’s Articles of Association. Precast concrete is a structural or architectural component made from ordinary reinforced concrete or pretension concrete which is made in fabrication before the component is attached to the structure of a building construction (buildings, bridges, hydro structures, ports, roads, railways, etc.).

Products and ServicesThe Company is widely known as the producer of highquality concrete products, among others are: pre-stressed concrete piles, bridge girder products, pipes, railway sleepers, retaining wall concrete products, hydro structure products, and building concrete products.

In accordance with the Company’s Articles of Association, the main business activities are:

  1. Conduct production planning, selling, installation, and implementation of concrete products construction, such as:
    • Transmission pile and electrical distribution, and telephone pile;
    • Stake pile;
    • Railway sleepers;
    • Concrete product for bridges;
    • Concrete product for retaining wall;
    • Pipes;
    • Concrete product for building;
    • Concrete product for maritime building;
    • Other concrete products.
  2. Conduct planning service, implementation, and supervision of construction in the field of:
    • Civil;
    • Electrical;
    • Post-tensioning.
  3. Conduct planning, production, and selling of building material products/components.
  4. Conduct import and export business that related to the abovementioned a, b, and c activities.

Products In producing a qualified concrete, the Company operates 2 (two) production activities including Centrifugal Precast Concrete and Non-Centrifugal Precast Concrete production process.

Centrifugal Precast Concrete Centrifugal Precast Concrete production process is a precast concrete production process through distribution process phase, formation, and solidification of concrete using a machine with a centrifugal system (by spunling on certain speed/rpm).

The Centrifugal Precast Concrete production process using concrete solidification method, which is a rotation system of spinning machine. Precast concrete products are produced through a spun system on the following lanes:

  • Concrete poles, which covers electric dstribution poles, transmission electric poles, telephone poles, power poles rail roads, lampposts and poles nets.
  • Piles, rounded hollow poles, and poles hollow box.
  • Concrete pipe products (hydro structure concrete product, which covers core type pre-stressed concrete pipes, and low pressure concrete pipes (RC pipes).

Non-Centrifugal Precast Concrete While the Non-Centrifugal Precast Concrete production process is a process of manufacturing precast concrete through the stages of distribution and solidification using vibration (external and/or internal vibrator). The Company manufactures Non-Centrifugal Precast Concrete through a process of concrete solidification by using a vibration system, both internally and externally, or the combination of both. The Company’s products that are using Non-Centrifugal Precast Concrete are as follows:

  1. PC Piles
    • Massive Square PC Piles
    • Triangular PC Piles
  2. Bridge Girders
    • Girders (I Girder, U Girder, V Girder, T Girder, and Box Girder)
    • Voided Slab
    • Double Tee
  3. Railway Sleepers
    • Train Rail Sleepers (KA-Clips, DE-Clips, Pandrol, E-Clips, and Vossloch)
    • Lorry Sleepers
  4. Retaining Walls
    • Corrugated Concrete Sheet Pile (CCSP)
    • Flat Concrete Sheet Pile (FCSP)
  5. Marine Structure Concrete Products
    • Breakwater (Tetrapod, A-Jack)
    • Jetty Components
  6. Building Structure Concrete Products
    • Precast Walls
    • Hollow Core Slab
    • Concrete Slab, Column, Beam, Stairs

Services In order to assist production activities and sales, the Company also provides supporting services, including engineering, installation, distribution, construction, as well as posttensioning service, which will be further explained below:

  • Engineering: an activity to provide the customers with technical recommendation and selection of the correct and efficient structure. To support the speed and accuracy of the technical calculation, the Company uses various up-to-date software according to its functions and intentions;
  • Installation; an activity to help the customers with product installations, such as flyover projects and river bridges. With this service, the customers will also receive added values besides the products;
  • Piling service: a business process in a form of piling activity by using pile tools with Inner Bore system and Pre Bore system methods. These systems are the most up-to-date piling systems and up to now, WIKA beton is the only company having the license to use these methods in constructions;
  • Distribution; not only focusing in production, the Company is also responsible for the distribution of its precast concrete products to the customers. Onground delivery may be conducted by using trailers and boogies, while barges and ships are employed for a coast-to-coast delivery;
  • Construction; the Company may also provide the service of contractors to assist and complete the customers’ projects up to the construction stage; and
  • Post-tensioning Service; a stressing service for the components of bridge girder products, building, ground anchor, and cable-stayed bridges.


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